Our Policies

Gati Express Packers and Movers

Business policies are a must to help us in running our businesses effectively. These policies protect the company and its employees, partners, vendors, customers, and shareholders. There are many policies which are to be kept in mind while managing our business affairs and all these policies have to be complied with, irrespective of the different types of operations that we perform. It is very important for every organization to adopt a proper business conduct policy along with all the relevant policies related to its accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, books of accounts, and so on.

Privacy Policy: We assure you we will not re-use your data (your name, phone number, email address etc) for any other purposes. All the records are stored securely.

Our Billing Policy: Generally we take full payment before final relocation (transport of your goods) starts, yet many times we take the advance at the time of receiving final order or after packing. Rest of the payment we take after the delivery of the goods.

Disclaimer: We do not move the goods which are not owned by you or which you have no legal access or possession. Secondly, we do not move jewellery, money, petrol or similar substances or any other illegal objects like poison, explosive etc.